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  • MALIN + GOETZ RUM Ķermeņa Losjons, 40ml

    MALIN + GOETZ RUM Ķermeņa Losjons, 40ml
    • Izmērs: 40 ml
    • Krāsa: Baltā krāsā ar zelta tekstu
    • Augstas kvalitātes TRUSSARDI smarža
    • Ražota Itālijā
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    Malin+Goetz is a luxury apothecary brand based in New York City. The first shop, which opened in 2004, is a modern interpretation of a traditional neighborhood apothecary. The store is full of activity, wonderful treatments, and has great customer service. Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz live just around the corner and still personally wait on customers when they are in the shop.
    Nine years later Malin+Goetz remains family-owned and operated, supplying quality products that simplify skincare for all skin types; especially the most sensitive. From London to Los Angeles, our products are now available in over 600 luxury retail locations around the globe. The first store in Chelsea has been joined by three other signature Malin+Goetz shops in New York and Los Angeles.



    Warm and fresh, our dark rum is a modern interpretation of traditional apothecary tonics known for holistic medicinal properties and a comforting aroma of sweet spices to calm and soothe.
    Our rum retains the distinctive characteristics of wood, sweet, and spice with updated notes of leather, plum, milk and amber-patchouli, creating the perfect sensual olfactory balance appropriate for either a woman, man or couple to share.


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